Alameda Trail Fund

The Project

Trail Pittsburgh is asking you for help to help the stewards at Alameda.  Our target is to raise $1,200, that will be spent on the following 2018 priorities at one of the fastest growing parks for trail runners, hikers, and mountain bikers. Alameda in Butler PA. We have the volunteers in place that are ready to work. We need is your donation to fund supplies to make this an attraction for people all over Western PA.

* Creating, printing, and distributing trail maps into our current trailhead kiosks

* Creating and installing roughly 100 trail marker signs

* Buying materials to address drainage issues on current near-future trails

* Drainage pipe, stone, and gravel

* Wood and concrete for bridges

$1,200 goes fast and our amazing volunteers have a plan for how to put your money to the best use to create the newest single track trail system in the region.

If we have more funds raised over our goal we will be doing even more.  15 miles of trail over the next few years is our ultimate goal for this project with approximately 6+ miles of trail at Alameda that are ready to ride today.

Why We’re Doing It

Alameda is the fastest growing park in the region with 6 miles of new singletrack (up from 4 miles in 2017) and more miles planned for this year. In all we have 15 miles planned once the project is complete.




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May 6, 2018 – Alameda Park: Ride Our Awesome Trails!

Join us at Alameda Park to kick off a pre-season FUN(d) raising campaign with a ride and party!

Our target is to raise $1,200 to spend on the following 2018 priorities:

  • Creating, printing, and distributing trail maps into our current trailhead kiosks
  • Creating and installing roughly 100 trail marker signs
  • Buying materials to address drainage issues on current near-future trails
  • Drainage pipe, stone, and gravel
  • Wood and concrete for bridges
Event schedule

10:00 am: Meet at the Oddfellows Pavillion, Alameda Park

10:00 am – 12:30 pm: Group rides on current and future trails…maybe even a contest or two!

12:30 pm – 2:00 pm: Potluck lunch (please consider bringing food or desserts to share); pizza and beer (limited supply) will be provided*

2:00 pm+: More riding?

Invite your friends and family for a fun day of riding and learning about the park! For more information, see the Trail Pittsburgh Facebook Page.

*Pizza supplied by the Alameda Singletrack Trail Crew | Beer provided courtesy of Butler Brew Works

April 22, 2018 – Frick Park Spring Work Day

This Sunday, April 22 is the first official work day of 2018 in Frick Park! Come out to help prepare the single track trails for Spring and Summer.

The long (seemingly never-ending) winter has damaged several trails, so our focus will be working on drainage and tread repair, plus a short reroute. If you’ve been meaning to put in work on the trails, this is a great chance to dig in and make a big impact.

Bring sturdy footwear, work gloves, and water. We’ll meet at the English Lane Parking Lot and go from there. Tools and post-work food will be provided. For more information, see the Trail Pittsburgh Facebook Page


Bridge work at Frick Park

On Saturday morning, a team of six volunteers built a new bridge over a section of trail on Rollercoaster Extension that continually washed out. The original trail went over a section of large, terracotta pipes that over time, filled with dirt and sediment, blocking the flow of water and causing the tread to flood.

The team dug up the pieces of pipe (three in all), which were huge! Each piece was removed and repurposed as trail markers (see the last picture below). The ravine was dug out further to ensure that the water flowed continuously down the trail.

After removing the pipe and clearing the pathway, the team dug ditches for the footers, secured the support beams, and screwed in the decking. A few hikers and bikers came through to test new bridge, which held beautifully!

The old drain pipes were added as trail markers, promoting reuse and adding some local charm. This bridge ensures that walkers, hikers, and bikers can safely cross this area, and that water will not erode the trail. Thank you to the volunteers that came out today! These projects are not capable without you.

April 21, 2018 – Short Line Hollow Park Cleanup

Our friends at Short Line Hollow Park in Ross Township are picking up trash, refuse, and other items that were disposed of throughout the park. Short Line Hollow Park is in its infancy and needs help to thrive and grow.

Come out to help make Short Line Hollow Park a better place! For more information, see the Short Line Hollow Park Facebook page.


April 6, 2018 – Volunteer Work Day at South Park

On Friday, April 6th, Park Rangers will lead volunteers in a work day at South Park to cut back overgrowth, complete light tread maintenance, and do other small maintenance tasks. Focus will be placed on bench cutting and cleaning up tread work on the Red Trail reroute from last year.

16 spots remain! Sign up through the Allegheny County Parks website and visit the Trail Pittsburgh Facebook page for more information and updates.

Frick Park: Iron Grate Maintenance

A group of seven volunteers completed some much-needed maintenance on the Iron Grate trail this morning.

The jump leading into the split before Concrete Block was rebuilt to be sturdier, taller, and more in line with the curvature of the trail. Bricks were placed under the jump to create a more stable foundation, which will reduce erosion and ensure a safe riding platform. Additionally, the landing area was dug out to make a smoother transition, but will need to be groomed after the soil dries out.

Additionally, the crew dug a long drainage ditch that traverses the right side of the trail, which will direct water away from the main tread. The ditch follows the trail and connects to a large terracotta pipe, where water will flow away from the main path. Directing water away from the trail will reduce maintenance and erosion, and help the trail to dry faster when wet.

Thank you to the volunteers who bundled up and slogged through the mud to complete this very important work!

For more information about trail work in Frick Park, follow the Frick Park Facebook page.

2018 Steward Training Day Results

The Steward Training Day was a huge success! A total of 34 participants came out to North Park to learn about trail stewardship, trail building, and how Trail Pittsburgh gets work done. Current and future stewards, Park Rangers, Trail Pittsburgh Board members, and an amazing group of Girl Scouts put in some serious work.

Max Bader of the Allegheny County Park Rangers presented on sustainable trail building techniques, and provided hands-on instruction with the help of Dave Biber, founder of Trail Pittsburgh. Together, the full group cut a new trail to re-route a section of Lower Kotobuki. This new trail replaces a flat section near Smokey the Bear, and will improve drainage while decreasing required maintenance.

After learning about the various trail-building tools, the group cleared leaves, broken branches, and debris to create a clear work surface. The new trail was bench cut to create a tread that is roughly 24” wide and 150 feet long. The trail still needs to be smoothed, shaped, and contoured for proper drainage, but the heavy lifting is done!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who came out. Without your help, these projects would not be possible!

Volunteers by the numbers
  • 34 participants (total)
  • 10 park stewards and co-stewards
  • 5 Girl Scouts
  • 3 Park Rangers