Alameda Park

Trail Pittsburgh is rising money to help the work continue at Alameda.

Alameda Park is one of two county-owned recreation facilities, offering singletrack trails, playgrounds and a pool. Additionally, the park has a 0.8 mile stretch of road open exclusively to foot and cycle traffic. The park is located between the City of Butler and Route 422, and can be accessed from Route 356/ New Castle Road.

As of May 2018, there are over 6 miles (up from 4 in the spring 2017) of sustainable, purpose-built multi-use trails, with more loops and mileage currently under construction.  The trails are appropriate for all levels of riders and emphasize flow and fun over technical obstacles and rock gardens. Rolling contour, banked corners, and berms are integrated into the experience.

Since beginning construction in September of 2015, the trails have been built with all levels of riders in mind. When done, the park will have 15+ miles of trails.

The Butler Freeport Community Trail is located less than 3 miles away, and the City of Butler offers several options for food and drink within a 3 mile radius.

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