White Oak park work day with Allegheny Parks and REI

Come out on Saturday, August 11 from 9:00 am to noon for a trail work day at White Oak park, in partnership with Allegheny County Parks and REI. All volunteers will receive an REI t-shirt, and lunch will be provided!

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran, we would love to have your support. Help keep our parks thriving!

See the REI website for additional information.


Throughout 2018, Allegheny County Parks are partnering with REI and Trail Pittsburgh to promote stewardship, outdoor education, trail construction, and maintenance. For the first time ever, trail work days will be hosted in all nine county parks.

April 22, 2018 – Frick Park Spring Work Day

This Sunday, April 22 is the first official work day of 2018 in Frick Park! Come out to help prepare the single track trails for Spring and Summer.

The long (seemingly never-ending) winter has damaged several trails, so our focus will be working on drainage and tread repair, plus a short reroute. If you’ve been meaning to put in work on the trails, this is a great chance to dig in and make a big impact.

Bring sturdy footwear, work gloves, and water. We’ll meet at the English Lane Parking Lot and go from there. Tools and post-work food will be provided. For more information, see the Trail Pittsburgh Facebook Page


Bridge work at Frick Park

On Saturday morning, a team of six volunteers built a new bridge over a section of trail on Rollercoaster Extension that continually washed out. The original trail went over a section of large, terracotta pipes that over time, filled with dirt and sediment, blocking the flow of water and causing the tread to flood.

The team dug up the pieces of pipe (three in all), which were huge! Each piece was removed and repurposed as trail markers (see the last picture below). The ravine was dug out further to ensure that the water flowed continuously down the trail.

After removing the pipe and clearing the pathway, the team dug ditches for the footers, secured the support beams, and screwed in the decking. A few hikers and bikers came through to test new bridge, which held beautifully!

The old drain pipes were added as trail markers, promoting reuse and adding some local charm. This bridge ensures that walkers, hikers, and bikers can safely cross this area, and that water will not erode the trail. Thank you to the volunteers that came out today! These projects are not capable without you.

April 21, 2018 – Short Line Hollow Park Cleanup

Our friends at Short Line Hollow Park in Ross Township are picking up trash, refuse, and other items that were disposed of throughout the park. Short Line Hollow Park is in its infancy and needs help to thrive and grow.

Come out to help make Short Line Hollow Park a better place! For more information, see the Short Line Hollow Park Facebook page.


April 6, 2018 – Volunteer Work Day at South Park

On Friday, April 6th, Park Rangers will lead volunteers in a work day at South Park to cut back overgrowth, complete light tread maintenance, and do other small maintenance tasks. Focus will be placed on bench cutting and cleaning up tread work on the Red Trail reroute from last year.

16 spots remain! Sign up through the Allegheny County Parks website and visit the Trail Pittsburgh Facebook page for more information and updates.

March 18, 2018 – Steward Training Day!


Attention Trail Pittsburgh Stewards, Volunteers, and anyone interested in helping Trail Pittsburgh with trail work!

Join Trail Pittsburgh and the Allegheny County Rangers for a day of training on how to be a trail steward, plus learn about trail maintenance and construction. We will have a classroom presentation and a session of field work.

Breakfast will be supplied. Bring work gloves and boots! See the Trail Pittsburgh Facebook page for updates and additional information.