Trail Pittsburgh visits IMBA HQ

Trail Pittsburgh had an incredible opportunity to send one of our social media volunteers Jeremy Saylor to IMBA Headquarters for chapter leadership training.  While in Boulder, IMBA trained Jeremy on best practices for social media, membership marketing, email communication, and membership engagement.  The training comes at a perfect time for Trail Pittsburgh as we finish our rebranding effort.


In addition to spending 3 days in the classroom, IMBA took the crew out for world class mountain biking at some of the awesome trail systems in the Boulder area.  Earlier this year, we were fortunate enough to send Colin Burch to chapter leadership training at IMBA HQ for trail planning and master planning leadership training.

If scoring free trips to Colorado sounds fun to you consider stepping up to a leadership position in our organization!  Email to help out with trail planning, mapping, social media, communications, grants, or outreach!